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1.Ca, Yuan, Global vanishing viscosity limit for the two dimensional incompressible viscoelasticity in Lagrangian coordinates, Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations, 61(2022), no.3

2.Cai, Yuan; Wang, Fan, Global well-posedness of incompressible elastodynamics in three-dimensional thin domain, Siam Journal on Mathematical Analysis, 53(2021), no.6, 6654-6696

3.Chen, Wenbin; Liu, Qianqian; Shen, Jie, Error estimates and blow-up analysis of a finite-element approximation for the parabolic-elliptic keller-segel system, International Journal of Numerical Analysis and Modeling, 19(2022), no.2-3, 275-298

4.Wang, Shufen; Zhou, Simin; Shi, Shuxun; Chen, Wenbin, Fully decoupled and energy stable BDF schemes for a class of Keller-Segel equations, Journal of Computational Physics, 449(2022)

5.Duan, Chenghua; Chen, Wenbin; Liu, Chun; Wang, Cheng; Yue, Xingye, A second order accurate, energy stable numerical scheme for the one-dimensional porous medium equation by an energetic variational approach, Communications in Mathematical Sciences, 20(2022), no.4, 987-1024

6.Sui, Yun; Fu, Haiyang; Wang, Denghui; Xu, Feng; Feng, Shaojun; Cheng, Jin; Jin, Ya-Qiu, Sparse reconstruction of 3-d regional ionospheric tomography using data from a network of gnss reference stations, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 60(2022)

7.Dong, Yuxin; Ren, Yibin; Yu, Weike, Prescribed webster scalar curvatures on compact pseudo-hermitian manifolds, Journal of Geometric Analysis, 32(2022), no.5

8.Wang, Zhaoyu; Fan, Engui, Critical edge behavior in the singularly perturbed Pollaczek-Jacobi type unitary ensemble, Random Matrices-Theory and Applications, 11(2022), no.1

9.Cheng, Qiaoyuan; Fan, Engui, Long-time asymptotics for the focusing Fokas-Lenells equation in the solitonic region of space-time, Journal of Differential Equations, 309(2022), 883-948

10.Yang, Yiling; Fan, Engui, On the long-time asymptotics of the modified Camassa-Holm equation in space-time solitonic regions, Advances in Mathematics, 402(2022)

11.Fu, Jixiang; Zhou, Xianchao, Scalar curvatures in almost Hermitian geometry and some applications, Science China-Mathematics, 2022

12.Guo, Kunyu; Zhou, Qi, Szego's Theorem on hardy spaces induced by rotation-invariant borel measures, Complex Analysis and Operator Theory, 16(2022), no.3

13.Duan, Yongjiang; Guo, Kunyu; Wang, Siyu; Wang, Zipeng, Toeplitz operators on weighted bergman spaces induced by a class of radial weights, Journal of Geometric Analysis, 32(2022), no.2

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15.Buriankova, E; Grafakos, L; He, DQ; Honzik, P, The lattice bump multiplier problem, Studia Mathematica, 262 (2022), no. 2, 225-240.

16.Hua, Bobo, Dimensional Bounds for Ancient Caloric Functions on Graphs, International Mathematics Research Notices, 2022(2022),no.6, 4022-4039

17.He, Zunwu; Hua, Bobo, Harmonic functions of polynomial growth on infinite penny graphs, Journal of the London Mathematical Society-Second Series, 105(2022), no.1, 565-586

18.He, Zunwu; Hua, Bobo, Upper bounds for the Steklov eigenvalues on trees, Calculus Of Variations and Partial Differential Equations, 61(2022), no.3

19.Han, Xiaosen; Huang, Genggeng; Yang, Yisong, Coexisting vortices and antivortices generated by dually gauged harmonic maps, Journal of Mathematical Physics, 62(2021), no.10

20.Zhou, K and Jin, L, Improvement of the uniqueness theorems of meromorphic maps of C-m into P-n(C), Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations, 67 (2022), no. 5, 1244-1261.

21.Korobkov, Mikhail; Ren, Xiao, Leray's plane stationary solutions at small Reynolds numbers, Journal De Mathematiques Pures Et Appliquees, 158(2022), 71-89

22.Li, Xiaoguang; Li, Tongkai; Li, Chunhe; Li, Tiejun, Uncovering the cell fate decision in lysis-lysogeny transition and stem cell development via Markov state modeling, Journal of Chemical Physics, 155(2021), no.24

23.Lu, Xing; Li, Tatsien, Exact Boundary Controllability of weak solutions for a kind of first order hyperbolic system - the hum method, Chinese Annals of Mathematics Series B, 43(2022), no.1, 1-16

24.Li, Tatsien; Rao, Bopeng, Asymptotic synchronization of a coupled system of wave equations on a rectangular domain with reflecting sides, Asymptotic Analysis, 128(2022), no.1, 85-102

25.Lu, Xing; Li, Ta-tsien; Rao, Bopeng, Exact boundary synchronization by groups for a coupled system of wave equations with coupled robin boundary controls on a general bounded, Siam Journal on Control and Optimization, 59(2021), no.6, 4457-4480

26.Hou, Jia-Wen; Ma, Huan-Fei; He, Dake; Sun, Jie; Nie, Qing; Lin, Wei, Harvesting random embedding for high-frequency change-point detection in temporal complex systems, National Science Review, 9(2022), no.4

27.Zou, Yukun; Yang, Wei; Lai, Junjie; Hou, Jiawen; Lin, Wei, Vaccination and quarantine effect on covid-19 transmission dynamics incorporating chinese-spring-festival travel rush: modeling and simulations, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 84(2022), no.2

28.Ying, Xiong; Leng, Si-Yang; Ma, Huan-Fei; Nie, Qing; Lai, Ying-Cheng; Lin, Wei, Continuity scaling: a rigorous framework for detecting and quantifying causality accurately, Research, 2022(2022)

29.Li, Hong-Quan; Sjogren, Peter, Estimates for operators related to the sub-laplacian with drift in heisenberg groups, Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications, 28(2021), no.1

30.Luo, Jiawen; Liang, Zhenguo; Zhao, Zhiyan, Growth of sobolev norms in 1-d quantum harmonic oscillator with polynomial time quasi-periodic perturbation, Communications in Mathematical Physics, 392(2022), no.2, 1-23

31.Lou, Hongwei, Improvement of constructing real numbers by Dedekind cuts, International Journal Of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 2022

32.Hua, Ning; He, Xiangnan; Feng, Jianfeng; Lu, Wenlian, Analytic Investigation for Synchronous Firing Patterns Propagation in Spiking Neural Networks, Neural Processing Letters, 2022

33.Isakov, Victor; Lu, Shuai; Xu, Boxi, A linearised inverse conductivity problem for the Maxwell system at a high frequency, Journal of Computational Physics, 455(2022)

34.Lu, Shuai; Salo, Mikko; Xu, Boxi, Increasing stability in the linearized inverse Schrodinger potential problem with power type nonlinearities, Inverse Problems, 38(2022), no.6

35.Lu, Sicheng; Su, Weixu, Counting mapping class group orbits under shearing coordinatesGeometriae Dedicata2162022),no.2

36.Tao, Jun; Yu, Handi; Zhou, Dian; Su, Yangfeng; Zeng, Xuan; Li, Xin, Correlated rare failure analysis via asymptotic probability evaluation, IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, 41(2022), no.4, 813-826

37.Gao, Zhengqi; Tao, Jun; Su, Yangfeng; Zhou, Dian; Zeng, Xuan; Li, Xin, Fast statistical analysis of rare failure events with truncated normal distribution in high-dimensional variation space, IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, 41(2022), no.3, 789-793

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41.Jiang, Yifan; Tian, Xueting, Existence and distributional chaos of points that are recurrent but not banach recurrent, Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations, 2022

42.Wang, Xuezhong; Mo, Changxin; Qiao, Sanzheng; Wei, Yimin, Predefined-time convergent neural networks for solving the time-varying nonsingular multi-linear tensor equations, Neurocomputing, 472(2022), 68-84

43.Liu, Qiaohua; Jia, Zhigang; Wei, Yimin, Multidimensional total least squares problem with linear equality constraints, Siam Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, 43(2022), no.1, 124-150

44.Mu, Gui; Qin, Zhenyun, High order rational solitons and their dynamics of the 3-wave resonant interaction equation, Physica D-Nonlinear Phenomena, 435(2022)

45.Ding, Lijia; Wang, Kai, The L-p-L-q Boundedness and Compactness of Bergman Type Operators, Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics, 2022

46.Yu, Hui; Heittokangas, Janne; Wang, Jun; Wen, Zhi Tao, Meromorphic Functions of Finite phi-order and Linear Askey-Wilson Divided Difference Equations, Acta Mathematica Sinica-English Series, 38(2022), no.2, 371-383

47.Chang, Shih Yu; Wei, Yimin, T-product tensors-part II: tail bounds for sums of random T-product tensors, Computational & Applied Mathematics, 41(2022), no.3

48.Liu, Qiaohua; Li, Chuge; Wei, Yimin, Condition numbers of multidimensional mixed least squares-total least squares problems, Applied Numerical Mathematics, 178(2022), 52-68

49.Du, Shouqiang; Cui, Liyuan; Chen, Yuanyuan; Wei, Yimin, Stochastic tensor complementarity problem with discrete distribution, Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, 192(2022), no.3, 912-929

50.Xiong, Zikai; Wei, Yimin; Xu, Renjie; Xu, Yanwei, Journal of Computational And Applied Mathematics, 410(2022)

51.Chen, Juefei; Wei, Yimin; Xu, Yanwei, Tensor cur decomposition under t-product and its perturbation, Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization, 43(2022), 698-722

52.Zhang, Guihua; Li, Hanyu; Wei, Yimin, Componentwise perturbation analysis for the generalized schur decomposition, Calcolo, 59(2022), no.2

53.Chang, Shih Yu; Wei, Yimin, T-square tensors-Part I: inequalities, COMPUTATIONAL & APPLIED MATHEMATICS, 41(2022), no.1

54.Che, Maolin; Wang, Xuezhong; Wei, Yimin; Zhao, Xile, Fast randomized tensor singular value thresholding for low-rank tensor optimization, Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications, 2022

55.Zhang, Li-Ping; Li, Zi-Cai; Wei, Yimin; Huang, Hung-Tsai, Spurious eigenvalue-free algorithms of the method of fundamental solutions for solving the Helmholtz equation in bounded multiply connected domains, Numerical Algorithms, 2022

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66.Chang, Jiaqi; Shi, Hongjun; Zhu, Song; Zhao, Donghua; Sun, Yongzheng, Time cost for consensus of stochastic multiagent systems with pinning control, IEEE Transactions on Systems Man Cybernetics-Systems, 2022

67.Lai, Ning-An; Xiang, Wei; Zhou, Yi, Global instability of multi-dimensional plane shocks for isothermal flow, Acta Mathematica Scientia, 42(2022), no.3, 887-902

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